What is happening with us right now

February 2023

From client to worker

Kristián started coming to us many years ago as a small preschooler. He worked his way through all our age groups until he became a volunteer. Last year he successfully graduated from high school and this year, to our delight, he joined our team as a part-time worker. He is a great help to us and we are very grateful for him!

In muzeum

During the half-term holidays, we visited the National Agricultural Museum with the younger children. The children played fishermen, hunters and cooks or tried out how to operate a digger.

January 2023


Even this winter, we go ice skating with the teenagers. Some of them have already learned it in previous years, some are learning it for the first time this year. But everyone always has a lot of fun.

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December 2022

St. Nicolas

At the beginning of December, we remembered the life of Bishop Nicholas with the children and celebrated his holiday by giving out Nicholas presents.

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Member of a team

From September until the end of the year, Kryštof, who started coming to us as a client a few years ago, was part of our team. After a few years, he became a volunteer and started working as part-time this September. He starts a new job in January and thus leaves our ranks. But we are very happy at least for his short-term help.

Christmas celebration

Even this year, the last meeting at the center this year was special. We remembered the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus, our Savior. Thanks to generous donors, each child received a gift prepared by name. And many children then stayed for a traditional Christmas sleepover.

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New Year´s Eve stay

At the end of the year, 9 of our teenagers joined the New Year’s Eve stay organized by the KS Prague church. Everyone liked it there, teenagers strengthened their relationships with other young people and also their relationship with God.

October 2022

10 years of the house

This year marks 10 years since we have been based in a newly renovated house. Thousands of people participated in its repair, both financially and practically. We are very grateful to them!

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Autumn holiday

During the autumn holidays, 14 of our teenagers were on a stay with christian youth of Prague in Kutná Hora. Among other things, they could thus build friendships with their peers from mainstream society.

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Looking for new supporters

Due to the huge increase in energy prices, we are looking for new supporters to help us cover the costs of electricity and gas, especially during the coming winter.

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Ukrainian volunteer

We are very grateful that a young lady from Ukraine started visiting us regularly. She helps with a group of youngest children, where we now have mostly children from Ukraine. Thanks to her, we can better understand them and include activities in their language.

September 2022

Effects of the war in Ukraine

After the holidays, many new children started coming to us, many of them come from Ukraine, which they had to leave because of the war. Currently, 15 Ukrainian children come to us regularly. We therefore try to adapt the program to them and we are looking for Ukrainian volunteers to interpret for the children.


Two of our former clients, who have been our volunteers for some time, successfully graduated this year! One of them is the first of his entire extended family to have a matriculation exam. We are proud of them!

Youth group

Every Wednesday, teenagers participate in a youth group meeting in the Christian community. In this way, they make friends among children from mainstream society and are included in the life of the church.

Looking for volunteers

We are looking for new volunteers who would serve with us to preschool and younger school children. Many of our long-term volunteers have already finished their studies and started working, so they can no longer come to us. We are therefore looking for new reinforcements.

Hot lunch every meeting

Since September, we have been open again 4 times a week. We go to pick up the younger children straight from school, the first group at 11:35, the second at 12:30, the older ones come alone later. Everyone gets a hot lunch at our place and a hearty snack in the afternoon.

July – August 2022

Summer camp

As usual, this year we went to a week-long summer camp with the children. We reflected on the life of the apostle Paul, we enjoyed a lot of games, competitions and swimming.

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We have been canoeing with teenagers for several years in a row. This year we went down river Berounka. Some teenagers learned to steer and even managed to descend several weirs.

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Teen camp

In addition to our summer camp, we take some children and teenagers to church summer camps. There were 12 of our teenagers at the Teen camp this year. Everyone enjoyed it very much, made friends with the other participants and moved forward on the path to the Lord God.

From the children to the leaders

Some of “our” kids have gone to church summer camps as participants in past years. Now they are full-fledged leaders there and are a great help.

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June 2022

Children from an institution

An institution where at-risk children are housed, is located in the building opposite to ours. We have established cooperation with the organization, and some of the children who are placed with them attend our afternoon clubs. We are happy that they can laugh with us, have fun, be with a bunch of friends and also hear about the hope for every person.